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How to Get & Buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

How to Get Bitcoin (BTC)?

So far, you get to know that Bitcoin can be used for purchasing, sending money or trading internationally. As you know it is decentralized, and you can’t avail it from bank and all, how are you going to acquire it? There are few simple methods for that-

Buy on Exchange

There are several marketplaces which are popular as ‘Bitcoin exchanges.’ These allow people to buy and sell Bitcoins using different currencies. The largest Bitcoin exchange is Mr. Gox.

Get Through Transfers

Are you familiar with the process of sending cash digitally? You can also send Bitcoins to each other through that process.


Bitcoins are no real coins or notes, and you can’t get it from banks or any government registered organization. Then, how to get free Bitcoins? The process of getting Bitcoins is known as mining. If you want to ‘mine’ Bitcoin, you need to solve complex mathematical puzzles.

Thus, you can get as many Bitcoins as you want. Presently, a winner is rewarded with 25 Bitcoins at every 10 minutes. So, these are the process through which you can get Bitcoins and make your purchase or whatever you want to do with your collection.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

Now, this is the time you need to be technologically advanced. Why carry real money like that is risky? Go for buying Bitcoins and pay digitally. But, how to buy Bitcoins? Have a look-

Get a Wallet

This is the first thing that you need to do while following the steps of buying Bitcoin. A Bitcoin wallet is an app for your Ola money or Freecharge account where you can keep Bitcoins, receive them and also spend it. The best thing you can do is to use a true Bitcoin wallet app that helps you in calculating the minor fees automatically. These fees are important to confirm your transaction on the Bitcoin network.

Buy Bitcoins

Have you downloaded Bitcoin wallet app? The next step is to buy some Bitcoins now. Exchange of Bitcoins is well available around the world and users can convert any currency into Bitcoins for making purchase easy and quick. But, you need to do some research before choosing n exchange as the currency is different in every country and state.

Make Your Payment

The utmost benefit of paying through Bitcoin is that it is a smart choice of payment and you can do that within little time, conveniently. While making payments, you don’t need to provide any details of your cards. You just need to pay for your Bitcoin wallet, following three methods-

Scanning QR Code

Is your wallet on a different mobile? You should scan the code to open the payment mode in your wallet. You should check everything before paying, and your wallet will pay automatically.

Open In Wallet

What to do when you are paying for the same device which has the app installed? Tap there, and you can pay like this. Here also you need to check everything before paying and then confirm. Your wallet will pay automatically.

You Can Pay Manually

In case you are using a previous version of wallet that doesn’t support the present method, you don’t need to worry. There is also manually payment method. You need to copy the address and the particular amount of Bitcoin from the invoice of your wallet and send your payment manually.

Is Refund Possible?

Payment through Bitcoins is too much beneficial for the traders and merchants as they can operate their account make successful payments and also get refunds in their Bitcoin wallet if necessary. If you want a refund or want to know the detail of your transaction, you can contact the merchant directly, and they will help you to get the refund process and return your Bitcoins.

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