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What You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin (BTC)?

You have downloaded the Bitcoin wallet app; you bought Bitcoins in exchange for real money and have your ‘private key’ in your wallet. Which are the things that you can buy with Bitcoins? Actually, the Bitcoins help the travelers the most. While traveling, you don’t need to carry real cash or ATM card like that can be risky.

Where to Spend Bitcoin?

Today, the world is getting digital. With the virtual transfer facility, there are several companies which accept Bitcoin for exchange and the number is growing rapidly. There are several travel websites which accept Bitcoin.

As a new law passed in Japan, the retailers of that country are now accepting Bitcoins through simple plugins. Countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe that are facing political conflicts and turmoil are also accepting Bitcoins nowadays.

There are lots of hotels around the world that accept Bitcoins and let you stay there. You can order food or book tickets for flights with this cryptocurrency. Here, we will discuss certain interesting things which can be bought with Bitcoin. Read on to know more-

Book a Hotel Room

You may think Bitcoins are only applicable to digital services and buying goods online. That’s not true always. Take the example of the hotel chains of Howard Johnson. They accept Bitcoins in every location around the world. What to do if your hotel is not accepting Bitcoin? No need to worry. There are sites that act as middlemen between you and the hotels. You pay them with Bitcoin, and they will pay the hotel in standard currencies. You can even hide your identity as they will pay with the name that you have provided while paying with Bitcoins.

Book Flight Tickets

Bitcoins are used to book flight tickets too. There are certain ways followed while buying tickets for flights. You can look for the websites which can pay in standard currency once you pay them in Bitcoins. There are also sites which not only book your flight tickets but also book tickets for round-trip and multi-city flights.

Get Your Favorite Pizza

You can even buy your favorite pizza now with Bitcoins. Isn’t that exciting? There are sites like pizzaforcoins.com where you can use cryptocurrency to order your favorite pizza. You just need to place your order with Bitcoin, and they will deliver your order to the store and pay with standard currency. Now, you have nothing to do than waiting for your pizza. This facility is available for the pizza stores, like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Restaurant.

Get a College Degree

You are surprised, right? Actually, the educational institutions have realized the importance of Bitcoins, and now they are accepting the cryptocurrency as the mode of payment of the tuition and other fees. The famous universities around the world, like the University of Nicosia in Cyprus or the University of Cumbria, accept Bitcoins.

Buying Jewelry Is Also Possible

There are lots of jewelry shops around the world that have started to accept Bitcoins as the mode of payments. You can buy engagement rings, loose diamonds, watches, etc. just by paying Bitcoins. You can buy online or from the shops who accept Bitcoins. You just need to talk the sales associate about their terms and conditions of payments with Bitcoins.

Buy Gift Cards

Today, gifting with gift cards has increased a lot. Instead of gifting cash, if you give a gift card to anyone of any particular shop, the person can buy anything they want within that amount. And while buying gift cards, you can rely on the Bitcoins. There are sites from where you can purchase gift cards just by paying with Bitcoins. Buy these gift cards and then shop from your favorite stores. You can also give these cards to any of your family members and friends on anniversaries, birthdays or holidays and more.

Computers Are Also Available

If you are buying computers, laptop or tablet of Dell, you can pay with Bitcoins. To make this purchase, you need to open an account at coinbase.com. Once you have your account there, you can send direct payment just by logging in there.

Buy Your Beer

Want to get boozed out this weekend? Have a pizza and beer party in your house with your buddies. You can pay the bills for beers with your Bitcoins. There are several bars around the world which accept Bitcoin payment method.

Are You in Las Vegas

You are having lots of fun and amazement there, right? Visiting casinos, watching a dance performance, rather living your ‘Vegas-life’ can become easier if you pay with Bitcoins. Almost all kind of counters accept Bitcoins, and you don’t need to worry about any interruption of your fun.

Dog Treats Are Also Available

Yes, you can buy the favorite food of your pooch just by paying with Bitcoins. If you are connected with BitDazzle, you can make payment with Bitcoins after buying dog food for your pet.

Vacuum Cleaner

There are sites where you can pay with Bitcoins, and they will redirect you to the shop from where you can get a vacuum cleaner for your home.

Pay Taxi Fares

Don’t you have enough cash to pay the taxi fare? There is nothing to get tense if you have Bitcoins in your wallet. But, this facility is still not accepted throughout the world except countries like Argentina, London, and Hungary. You will find several Bitcoin-friendly cabs there.

Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee

There are several coffee pubs around the world which accept Bitcoins. For example, if you are in Prague, you can go to Bitcoin Coffee café that accepts only Bitcoins.

Powerball Ticket

Are you in New York? You can buy Powerball lottery tickets with Bitcoins.
So far, you got a thorough idea about Bitcoins. If you have never used Bitcoins, this is the time you can download the app and get Bitcoins in your wallet. There are lots of things you can buy in exchange for Bitcoins, and you don’t even need to disclose your identity.

If you have friends or any family members in the foreign country and want to send money in the local currency of that country, sending Bitcoins is the easiest way. But, before sending Bitcoins or going to buy anything in exchange for it, you should make sure whether you can use Bitcoin in that particular area in that country.

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